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Analysis of the Usage of Plastic Utensils in Café Facilities: A Case Study of Universities in Islamabad

Authors: Muhammad Sajjad Hussain, Muhammad Husnain, Syed Talal Raza Shah

Abstract: With the advancement in affluence and lifestyles of societies, the environment seldom considered as a stakeholder.
Since the innovation of plastic, it has surmounted every aspect of life including food consumption patterns, especially
in urban areas. When it comes to café facilities in universities, excessive use of plastic observed as plastic utensils
are easy to manage and they do not require an excessive budget. The study focuses on the café facilities in universities
situated in the Federal Capital Territory of Islamabad, Pakistan. Cluster sampling employed and the population
clustered in five "W" category universities. The research aimed to gauge the awareness level of the university students
regarding the environmental and health hazards of the consumption of plastic and their willingness to change their
consumption patterns after getting the essential awareness. About 105 responses recorded through a Google Form
survey conducted in the top five public universities of Islamabad. The research concluded on the analysis of the survey,
which envisages that the students are much likely to appreciate the reusable crockery instead of the consumption
of plastic utensils. This research provides convincing remarks to the university authorities to change their policy of
plastic consumption and turn to reusable crockery, which might cause a heavy installation price but will be beneficial
to the environment and health.

Journal: The Journal of Health, Environment, & Education

Volume: 12

Pages: 14-22